Cupcakes and cookies

Can’t decide on a cake for your next event? Try surprising your guests with cupcakes!!

Cupcakes are a great alternative for those who are looking for a non-traditional dessert. An assortment of these little treats allows you to offer your guests a variety everyone will enjoy.

The classic frosted version, with its luscious icing, remains an all time favorite and a full tray of these will surely make a spectacular effect on your table.

Maybe you would prefer to have them decorated? Just let us know and we will create personalized cupcakes to perfectly match the theme of your event.

Basic cupcakes flavors

Devil’s Chocolate

Decadent Vanilla

Red Velvet



Cookies & Cream


These are our most popular flavors, but as is our police: if your favorite one is not listed here let us know. We will gladly adapt any of our delicious recipes to satisfy your taste.

Would you like your cupcakes to be have a filling? No problem! We can stuff the regular size ones with chocolate or jam filling.

Cupcakes come in regular or mini size. Minimum order is 12 (regular) or 24 (mini) per flavor.

Regular cupcakes are CHF 4.50.- each

Mini cupcakes are CHF 2,00.- each

(Prices may change according to the decoration required)

Visit our Cupcakes Gallery to see the different possibilities!

Our last cupcakes and cookies

Looking for custom shaped cookies for a special occasion?

SUsing our traditional vanilla shortbread dough, we will hand cut and decorate our cookies with delicious fondant and/or royal icing to represent the theme of your particular event. Easter bunnies, girly purses, baby onesies, office stationery, wedding favors… the possibilities are endless.

Rather going for a classic treat? 

Choose from our selection of all time favorites..



Chocolate chips cookies

Types of biscuits

Minimum number of pieces per command


Decorated cookies15 to 20 (depending on the size)They start at 5.50.- / each and their price may increase according to the size 

Lollipop cookies 15 
They start at 6.- / each and their price may increase according to the size


approximately 90-100 (bite size)



30 squares


Chocolate chip cookies

30 to 40 cookies

Visit our Cookies & Treats Gallery and see a sample of our decorated cookies!